Top 5 Wordpress Christmas Themes

Since Christmas is knocking on out doors, perhaps some of you want to try out a season suited theme on your blogs. So, here’s a quick list with the Top 5 Christmas themes for Wordpress i could find out there. All of them can be used for free, and some of them heave some amazing features, plugins and looks.

  • Christmas Days. This theme is a season theme for WordPress created by Design Disease. The theme was created because most of us celebrate Christmas, and I wanted to make a gift to all bloggers around the world. The theme has been tested on WordPress 2.3.1 with Firefox , Opera, Safari and IE6/7. It validates as XHTML 1.0 Transitional.

  • Merry Christmas. New Wordpress theme designed specially for the eve of Christmas! I am launching this theme at this time so that all you bloggers can tweak it according to your blog by the time Christmas arrives… It has some nifty cool effects for you to check out :) .. and don’t forget to check the upcoming New Year Theme!

  • Christmas Time 1.0. It's a very nice WP Theme!

  • Vermilion Christmas. This is an older theme but still a great one. The header graphic depicts a forest of white Christmas trees with a subtle image of Santa Claus and his reindeer flying over the treetops in the distance on Christmas Eve. Besides having beautiful graphics, Vermilion Christmas comes with a very SE-friendly design, easy images styling styling and a custom made 404 page.

  • Christmas tree. Beautiful 2 columns Christmas WordPress theme with shiny christmas tree.

if you only want to add WP Christmas plugsin, just click here.
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