5 Steps to Becoming an Entrecard Powerhouse

So after doing Entrecard for two more weeks, I’ve realized the 8 steps to becoming an Entrecard powerhouse.
  1. Advertise on as many of the cheap sites as you can. Forget the advertising on the huge sites, until you have lots of credits. The key to gaining traffic from it, is by having a large cost to advertise on your site. And the way you do that is advertising on lots of sites. So check the "most recent" tab as many times a day as you can. And every time there's a new site that just joined. Advertise on it, this will help the cost of your site grow dramatically. And keep this up.

  2. Most bloggers have several sites. Put entrecard on all these different sites using different email addresses. Then if you have three blogs, then you'll have three sites generating credits, then you can just send them all to the site that you want to profit the most, or split them up how you choose.

  3. If you don't fit in the above category with having several sites. Go to blogspot and sign in with your google account (if you going to succeed as a blogger you need one btw) and create another blog. They only take a minute. Then copy an article from ezinearticle, or goarticles. And post them on the site. It's not illegal as long as you give the person credit, just leave a link to the writer's site. And then post up the entrecard widget and you can generate more credits that way.

  4. Every day or couple days go to the top five sites in your respective category on entrecard, and drop your card on their blog. And go in a new window to the site that is advertising on that site. Keep going till you end up on a site you've already been on. Usually it only takes about 20-30 sites before you end up having done a circle. And that's enough to keep the cost of your site from dropping, and as long as you keep advertising on the most recent sites then enough to keep it moving up.

  5. Don't stop! You have to keep doing this for up to two weeks. If you stop for even a day you will see your site suffer. It doesn't take very long, but you need to spend the five minutes every day otherwise your site will drop very quickly. After those couple weeks it should be powerful enough to stay afloat by itself.

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