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“How to get traffic,” is probably the most asked question among serious bloggers. This is because traffic, is the way to make money from your blog, and the best way to make money online. With traffic you can get money lots of ways, through adsense, affilates, and selling adspace… But first you need to answer the million dollar question, how to get traffic.

There is an entire industry of blogs that have been devoted to it. There are literally tens of thousands of sites claiming to know the secret, saying they’ll tell it to you, but first you have to subscribe to their RSS feed, and stumble their posts, and link to their site. And the secret they claim is to keep reading their blog and over time you will learn it, say over the next two years or so. And meanwhile your reading their posts, and helping them out, Their Just Robbing You!

I used to write on this blog once every two or three days. Since then I’ve moved it up to every day and the traffic has definitely grown.

However to get lot’s of traffic you can’t just write, though that is the most important, you also need to know what to write about, when to write, how often, in what way… I have created a list of 8 things explaining what I mean by write, write, write…

  1. Find a Popular Niche to write in. I’m sorry but no matter how much you write, and work, and slave over your blog, your not going to get tons of people on a blog about “Raising Squirrel Awareness.” And no I did not make that up, it’s a real blog, you can check out the link, his alexa ranking is around 21 million so your visit will probably make the old guy’s day. But anyway, so you can’t write about just anything, it has to be something more and more people will be looking for daily.

  2. So find something to write about that people can, and will use. Don’t narrow in too much on one little topic. Because to make the big bucks, and large traffic amounts, you need to be writing on a popular topic.

  3. Write so every person alive can understand. Unless your blog is technology for tech lovers who love really complicated things, write in simple English so you can appeal to every reader. And what I mean by “simple English,” is that don’t assume your readers understand all the terms you use. Try and use a little html, internet, blogging terms as you can. There’s been times when I read a post and go hmm… hmm…. hmm, nope I have no idea what he just said. I understood it was good for me, and it helps my site some how, but I don’t know how it helps, and most importantly How To Do It!? If your going to tell people how to do something, make it so that any person could follow your instructions. Because honestly there is a lot of people who have no clue about how to use the internet out there, and they will need very basic instructions. The entire point of this blog is to help people get traffic to their sites. I started it when I saw all the blogs claiming to show how to get traffic, but when I read their posts, I didn’t know what to do; or their suggestions just didn’t work as much as advertised. And often they didn’t even talk about how to really make money, or really get traffic. So I was determined, when I’d learned enough, I’d make a blog to show people how to get traffic; but in a language beginners could understand.; And so that’s why I always include instructions for set up. Do not assume people know how to do it. And honestly, what do you have to lose? If people do know how to, they’ll skip over it, and If they don’t they’ll use it, what’s five more minutes out of your day, when it turns one hundred readers into fans of your site because you explained to them what to do. So write so that everyone can understand, and I guarantee this will help your blog. In addition, the word will get around that you are a beginner friendly site, and suddenly you will appeal to the largest group of bloggers out there. The new bloggers, and more and more of them are swarming the internet every day.

  4. Write at the right times. Though it’s never bad to write an article, you can maximize the value of it, by posting it at the right times. Most of readers read during the workweek, so weekdays. So try to get a new blog post out on as many new week days as you can. The only way to get a large body of readers consistently is to get lots and lots of returning visitors. So keep giving out new content every day to appease them. Also, post as early as you can. I try to post every morning around 6 before I go to work. That way every day there’s new content up for my readers to read. So write often, write on week days over week ends if you have to choose, and write early as opposed to late.

  5. Write Consistently. Be consistent! I say this over and over again. Don’t be a sporadic blogger, unless you want to commit blogging suicide. Find a time, and day, when you can post, and stick too it. After doing it long enough your readers will understand when you post and then will know when to visit for new content. However if you are posting weekly, letting people know you are only posting weekly may destroy your blog. So plan on writing every day or two days, and be consistent. It will keep your readers happy and you’ll see a lot more returning visitors. Remember, you are a slave to your readers whims. If your readers don’t like you, that that equals 0 traffic. So if a readers comments saying your template is confusing, the listen to him. Do everything you can to fix the problem, he’s probably not the only one who thinks that way.

For those of you who like to see short bullet lists, I will change these strategies into check off points.

  1. Write in a Popular Niche
  2. Write Simply
  3. Write at the Right Times
  4. Write Consistently
  5. Write Often

Thank you for reading! And I hope this benefits your site with a lot of traffic growth in the near future.

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