Top 5 Sites To Help Your Blog Grow

This is going to be a growing list of sites to help your blog. It will grow as we test and experiance then we'll let you know about them. Sites that gain you traffic, and the key word is Free Traffic. And when you have lots of free traffic, you can make money online. Lots of traffic is the key to making money with your blog, because once it's popular everybody will be at your knee begging for link exchanges and such. So here's number one.


This is a site that as the ability to generate tons of traffic if used correctly. You only need a couple of stumbles for your site to generate 100's of visitors. It's also despite many people's opinions, it's relatively consistent. If you have many articles stumbled then if one person stumbles it again even months later you'll get tons of traffic again.


Digg is one of the best traffic sources on the internet. Although this one is very hard to get traffic from. If you submit an article, you usually get a couple visits. But the real traffic is reaching the first page. Which can take anything from 50-300 diggs, which for the average or new blogger is very difficult. However it can be done, and because the reward is so great, tens of thousands of visitors in a few days it's worth a shot.


Probably my favorite site on the web right now. It generates the most of traffic for the amount of effort needed to use it. I wrote an article about the 8 steps to becoming an entrecard powerhouse. Which is the way if you want to maximize the site for traffic. But if you just want a few hundred visits for no effort. Then you merely need to make the account post the script and leave it. You'll get constant visitors, and the average stay time is a minute and a half for me so they stay to.

Blog Catalog

Because it gives answers to your questions, it gives traffic, and you can find people with similar interests to help you and learn from. It has popular bloggers such as johncow, blogengage, and problogger. The discussion are insightful and provide valuable information. And the people are kind and helping. This site is a must have.


This is a very fast growing site that is one of the most popular blog search engines on the web. If you can rank in your category then you'll get a lot of traffic that way. It is very popular but it is not at the point yet where you don't have a chance of becoming a force on the site. You can still fight your way to the top or at least into the top 100. People can fan your site which moves it up, and it keeps track of links and that moves up your authority to. It's also a good way to keep track of the links to your site.

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